“Dr. Theresa Schmidt is an exceptional educator who exhibits a passion towards her profession. While teaching continuing education courses for us, she consistently demonstrates a high level of professionalism combined with a unique enthusiasm for continued learning. With her high energy, credible and persuasive teaching style, Dr. Schmidt is highly recommended.”
Anne Osborn PT, MPT– Founder HomeCEUConnection.com

“Allied Health Education has had the opportunity to work with Theresa in the past and it was a very professional experience. Theresa is well organized and she clearly takes a lot of pride in her preparation of her course materials. Her knowledge & expertise of the subject matter is clearly obvious. The reviews from participants was outstanding and her course was very well received.”
Cindy Davenport– President, Allied Health Education

“I’ve been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over 28 years and have enjoyed many of Theresa’s classes during that period of time. She shares her vast amount of knowledge and treatment skills with expert teaching and a touch of humor in her hands on seminars. Theresa never disappoints!”
Maureen Weaver LMT– Lindenhurst, NY

“I have known Theresa for 25 years since she first studied with me in the 1980’s. Not only is she devoted to learning and mastering a wide spectrum of hands-on techniques to best help her patients/clients to heal, she is also devoted to her own internal growth … she walks her talk. I have a deep respect for her work.”
Robert Jokel, PT– Developer of IIST(Integrative Immune Strengthening Therapy) and producer of the film, Immune To Cancer

“I was recently at the US Open Men’s golf Championship in Pinehurst, NC working with Dr. Jeff Poplarski’s Wellness Team on the players, caddies, & volunteers. One of the PT’s that was on the wellness team and in the treatment area watched me work on one of the caddie’s and asked me where I learned my hands on techniques an complimented me on my skills. This is what I told her: “When I was a student in massage school in 1991 I met a great hands on physical therapist named Theresa Schmidt at the New York State Society of Medical Massage Therapist Convention that I was attending in the Catskill mountains in upstate New York. I was so inspired by watching the way she worked that I signed up to take her Myofascial Release Four day seminar at the AMTA Massage Convention where she was a featured presenter. It was the best decision I ever made. I gained a lot of insight on how to assess the body, treat specific areas, and most important to how work without causing injury to yourself. I have known Theresa for over twenty years and have taken many of her massage classes as well as benefited from one on one hands on tutorials with her. When I had ACL surgery in 1995 on my right knee Theresa was my PT and responsible for helping me recover to a full functional level. As a teacher myself in a College Massage Therapy program and a massage professional that interacts with other healthcare professionals, I encourage all my student, fellow massage therapists, physical therapists and other health professionals I come in contact with to take the opportunity to study with Theresa when she is teaching in the area. Theresa is an exceptional well trained physical therapist, massage therapist, educator and treatment specialist. Her knowledge of the human body, assessment, treatment skills and hands on approach have been a major influence in my development and success as a massage therapy professional and educator. I value her integrative credibility as both a healthcare practitioner, & educator. I have a tremendous respect for Dr. Theresa Schmidt and honor our longtime friendship.”
Kenneth P. Woisin MA. LMT – Massapequa Park, NY

“Howdy from Tenn, Theresa. I would be most delighted to sing your praises. I can just close my eyes, and feel the experiential feelings that I got from your special brand of teaching…to my way of thinking, it was perfect because I could just show up be present and soak it all up, all that valuable life changing information, and I did not have to stress at all to get it, you know how great that is for someone that gets up at 5 to drive in Nashville traffic, and arrive in a frazzled heap…it is fantastic, because I could just relax and really learn without pressure. The way you speak is the way my brain processes, and you answer questions before I even ask them. That is my kind of teacher…you are the best!”
Joan Docekal, NCBTMB,LMT,NMT– Nashville TN

“While many health programs teach only the most basic concepts of how to examine and treat medical conditions, in her courses, Theresa Schmidt presents an integrated view of therapy that never treats just a ‘diagnosis’ or a single body part when not taking into consideration the whole person. She offers instruction of well researched and documented techniques, with hands on experiential opportunities that allow students to feel what’s happening in the tissues from both the practitioner’s and the patient’s perspective.

As our traditional western medical system begins to fail many people who do not respond well to drugs and surgery, these people will be looking for options that are less invasive and more gentle. Theresa’s vast understanding of myofascial release/ tissue mobilization, integrated neuromuscular re-education, and positional release techniques is demonstrated in her continuing education courses both live and online – injecting enough factual information to make learning interesting and enough humor to make it fun!!”
Carrie Cameron, PT, M Div

“I only have the highest praise for Doctor Theresa’s ability to get to the bottom of what is hurting and help it heal. She is a thorough, caring and talented medical professional whom I’ve come to know, trust and respect over many years.

She has an excellent ability to explain cause and treatment. In my case, she’s taught me to understand my problem areas and how to strengthen and use my body more wisely to avoid recurrent problems.

I’d recommend her to anyone with the assurance they’d be in excellent hands under her intuitive care.”
Nancy Nichols– Catskills, NY

“I have attended many of Dr. Schmidt’s courses over the years. Each of them have been interesting and informative with immediate clinical applications. She is a highly skilled therapist who freely shares her considerable knowledge and expertise in a nurturing environment.”
Kathleen Miller PT– Port Jefferson, NY