Intro to Biosynchronistics Live hands-on seminar


BioSynchronistics® is a commonsense holistic approach needed for today’s fast-paced and insurance-driven world, which nevertheless fits our own practice’s mission statement to provide the highest quality of care.  It is a way to use manual therapy in a total-body approach based on innovative biomechanical principles of gravitational containment.  The Institute’s courses enable the practitioner to use safe and consistently effective interventions in approaching old problems in new ways. Secondary to the clinical evidence of the success of BioSynchronistics®/ Quality Physical Therapy and the interest expressed by our peers, we are making available the principles and approach known as BioSynchronistics®. BioSynchronistics® is a therapeutic method in which a client is assessed from postural, biomechanical, energetic and functional impairment perspectives to evaluate mobility impairments related to abnormal alignment, kinetics and kinematics of motion.  BioSynchronistics interventions manage identified mobility impairments using gentle manual therapy and functional movement to balance the neuromusculoskeletal system for improved function.  The body uses its inherent ability to heal and adapt to changing circumstances. In injury and disease, its fascial memory stores significant information related to motion restrictions. BioSynchronistics® applies principles of physics to restore healthy movement by modifying adaptive kinematics and fascial restrictions post-injury and teaching clients to maximize adaptive potential for optimal mobility and function. In this course, you will gain theoretical and practical understanding of BioSynchronistics® concepts and how to use this approach in immediate clinical applications for a variety of diagnoses and for total body wellness.

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Registration open to allied health and medical professionals and final year students of accredited programs. Please bring your massage table or mat for hands-on practice, and wear t-shirts and shorts, bring layers for comfort. The course will be recorded.

Upon registration, attendees will be emailed a copy of the course manual to download and bring to the class. Fee for hard copy is $15 additional. Please provide your full name, address, email, cell phone, profession and license number for the boards. Course evaluation completion required for course certificates, which will be emailed after class. Credit cards and Paypal accepted.

Group discounts for groups of 10+ attendees registering together, call for details.

Live hands-on seminar! 14 credit hours approved by the NCBTMB, Inc. and NY State Boards of physical therapy and massage therapy.

Investment: $395 until March 15, $425 after 3/15/18


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