Drum Circle

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Unity in Our Community Drum Circle


Join the fun, bring a drum or rattle! No experience necessary, all ages welcome. Building Community, Health & Wellness through Rhythm

A drum circle is a fun, noisy, family-friendly event where people share their community spirit.  Drumming as a group connects and energizes everyone, as we entrain our rhythms and heartbeats in unison.  Participants often report a sense of inspiration, healing, and wellness from the dreamlike state of continuous percussion. Drumming links the physical and metaphysical into one experience.  Drummers share their experiences with a lively discussion after the drumming session. Duration: 45-120 minutes (longer if desired). Attendees bring their own drums or rattles. Duration: 90 mins. to 2 hrs.

Drum Circle Facilitator: Rev. Dr. Theresa Schmidt, DPT,DD, Shamanic Practitioner, Foundation for Shamanic Studies

Donation: $15