Mindfulness: Quick ‘n Easy: Mon. August 19th, 2019: 7-8:30pm FREE!

Want to learn how to relax, feel more energized, sleep better and release tension to enjoy a life of fulfillment? Join Dr. Theresa Schmidt, DPT at the Newbury Public Library for her workshop on Mindfulness, where you will experience an introduction to a powerful technique that can change your life! Space is limited for this experiential workshop. For info: visit: http://newburynhlibrary.net/event/mindfulness-quick-n-easy

An experiential workshop with discussion of how to incorporate this simple practice into your lifestyle for its multiple benefits.

Gain experience in how to do easy mindful exercises to gain huge benefits for your health and happiness, fast!

Practice techniques and discuss the evidence-based research describing the benefits of mindful practices, such as: improved emotional states, pain control, greater focus and clarity, better sleep, lower blood pressure, less muscle tension, greater health and longevity, and even a happier life.

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