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Positional Release for Trigger Points & Tension

By Theresa A. Schmidt, PT,DPT,MS,OCS,LMT,CEAS

Course Description

Many people suffer with painful myofascial trigger points as the result of stress, tension, and injury. Learn about the nature of trigger points, (TPs) and how abnormal neurophysiological reflexes contribute to painful muscle tension and mobility impairments. Positional release (PRT) interventions modify abnormal reflexes to relax and release painful muscle tension, improving flexibility, strength and function. Learn specific positions to manage TPs throughout the body to improve functional mobility. Discuss the evidence for the efficacy of PRT for pain reduction, strength and flexibility improvement, and performance enhancement.

Learning Outcomes

1. Discuss the neurophysiology of reflexes as the basis for positional release (PRT).
2. Identify trigger points (TPs) and their relationship to neuromuscular tension and pain.
3. Apple specific positioning to reduce TPs, release abnormal tension and improve functional mobility.
4. Cite research evidence for the effectiveness of PRT.

Course Type: Home study or webinar

Course category: Neuromuscular

Contact hours: 1.5

Teaching techniques include lecture, demonstration video, and question and answer periods. Instructor is available for correspondence via e-mail.

Credit Hours: Educise PC is an approved provider of continuing education for the NCBTMB, Inc. Educise PC is an approved provider for the NY State Boards of Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy. This seminar is available as a live seminar, webinar or as home study.

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