NCBTMB course description: Biosynchronistics provides a sequential approach to identification and prevention of musculoskeletal imbalances to empower clinicians with the skills to make an impact on the bottom line for employee health and fitness. By working with employees to balance their posture and movement patterns and to prevent injury, Biosynchronistics clinicians save companies substantial workers compensation costs while reducing absentee hours. Workers enjoy the wellness benefits of peak performance, while companies support them in their productivity and quality of life.  Biosynchronistics maximizes productivity and promotes employee wellness, supporting all to reach the goals of health and prosperity, a win-win for everyone.


Educise Resources is an approved provider of continuing education for the NCBTMB, Inc., and the NY State Board of physical therapy.

Course type: Home Study

NCBTMB Category: movement and exercise. Credit hours: 14 contact hours.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  1. Define BioSynchronistics®
  2. List three examples citing how musculoskeletal and visceral dysfunctions in the body can be managed from an integrative biomechanical perspective.
  3. Describe how external force affects postural alignment in a systematic pattern
  4. Identify abnormal postural alignment as a starting point for biomechanical intervention.
  5. Describe Fascial Inversions and identify them during postural assessments
  6. Demonstrate correct starting position and client instructions prior to beginning unlayering sequence.
  7. Demonstrate Spinal Balancing and Assessment Technique and elongation techniques for extremities
  8. Apply the principles of the BioSynchronistics® Approach to promote a healing response with myofascial and postural system balancing.
  9. Analyze and integrate information from a client’s past medical history relative to postural implications
  10. List clinical examples of the application of BioSynchronistics postural assessment and realignment interventions.
  11. Explain the difference between stability versus restriction in a shortened postural muscle
  12. Demonstrate a BioSynchronistics evaluation of an individual and list sequentially appropriate intervention strategies for improving biomechanical alignment and functional mobility
  13. Discuss 3 specific factors that affect outcomes using BioSynchronistics
  14. Integrate BioSynchronistics unlayering sequence into a variety of clinical settings

BioSynchronistics® Course Information: 

BioSynchronistics provides a sequential approach to identification, correction, and prevention of musculoskeletal imbalances to empower clinicians to optimize their skills looking through the lens of a new paradigm for maximized treatment efficiency. This approach gives clinicians new tools to quickly assess and balance the root cause of reoccurring athletic injuries, which migrate through the kinetic chain.  It is equally effective in resolving Perinatal and Post-Partum issues by balancing the pelvis and posture in a new and dynamic way. This innovative understanding of gravity containment and posture are utilized in the full spectrum of patients/clients, from chronic pain and fibromyalgia to Injury Prevention and Wellness.

BioSynchronistics offers a certification process for healthcare professionals, which includes completion of the Introduction to BioSynchronistics and the BioSynchronistics level 1 class, a 30-hour clinical internship followed by a written and practical exam.  Recertification is required every 2 years.

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