Intro to Biosynchronistics: Promote Wellness with Fascial Therapy for Posture Alignment, Pain Relief and Enhanced Functional Mobility – Live Workshop

By: Theresa A. Schmidt DPT, MS, OCS, LMT, CEAS & Carol Tschirpke PT, Director ESI Wellness

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Course Description

BioSynchronistics® is a commonsense holistic approach needed for today’s fast-paced and insurance-driven world, which nevertheless fits our own practice’s mission statement to provide the highest quality of care.  It is a way to use manual therapy in a total-body approach based on innovative biomechanical principles of gravitational containment.  The Institute’s courses enable the practitioner to use safe and consistently effective interventions in approaching old problems in new ways. Secondary to the clinical evidence of the success of BioSynchronistics®/ Quality Physical Therapy and the interest expressed by our peers, we are making available the principles and approach known as BioSynchronistics®. BioSynchronistics® is a therapeutic method in which a client is assessed from postural, biomechanical, energetic and functional impairment perspectives to evaluate mobility impairments related to abnormal alignment, kinetics, and kinematics of motion.  BioSynchronistics interventions manage identified mobility impairments using gentle manual therapy and functional movement to balance the neuromusculoskeletal system for improved function.  The body uses its inherent ability to heal and adapt to changing circumstances. In injury and disease, its fascial memory stores significant information related to motion restrictions. BioSynchronistics® applies principles of physics to restore healthy movement by modifying adaptive kinematics and fascial restrictions post-injury and teaching clients to maximize adaptive potential for optimal mobility and function. In this course, you will gain theoretical and practical understanding of BioSynchronistics® concepts and how to use this approach in immediate clinical applications for a variety of diagnoses and for total body wellness.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  1. Define BioSynchronistics®
  2. List three examples citing how musculoskeletal and visceral dysfunctions in the body can be managed from an integrative biomechanical perspective.
  3. Describe how external force affects postural alignment in a systematic pattern
  4. Identify abnormal postural alignment as a starting point for biomechanical intervention.
  5. Describe Fascial Inversions and identify them during postural assessments
  6. Demonstrate correct starting position and client instructions prior to beginning unlayering sequence.
  7. Demonstrate Spinal Balancing and Assessment Technique and elongation techniques for extremities
  8. Apply the principles of the BioSynchronistics® Approach to promote a healing response with myofascial and postural system balancing.
  9. Analyze and integrate information from a client’s past medical history relative to postural implications
  10. List clinical examples of the application of BioSynchronistics postural assessment and realignment interventions.
  11. Explain the difference between stability versus restriction in a shortened postural muscle
  12. Demonstrate a BioSynchronistics evaluation of an individual and list sequentially appropriate intervention strategies for improving biomechanical alignment and functional mobility
  13. Discuss 3 specific factors that affect outcomes using BioSynchronistics
  14. Integrate BioSynchronistics unlayering sequence into a variety of clinical settings

Contact hours: 14

Course type: Live

Teaching methods:  Live: Lecture, slide presentation, handouts, demonstration and hands-on lab practice of exam skills, question and answer session.

Audience: health professionals

Level: Beginner

Investment: $495

Live hands-on seminar! 14 credit hours approved by the NCBTMB, Inc. and NY State Boards of physical therapy and massage therapy.


“BioSynchronistics offers a certification process for healthcare professionals, which includes completion of the Introduction to BioSynchronistics and the BioSynchronistics level 1 class, a 30-hour clinical internship followed by a written and practical exam.  Recertification is required every 2 years. All participants are required to complete a form: Acknowledgement of Proprietary Information to acknowledge that the physical therapy techniques known as “BioSynchronistics” that are being taught to me by representatives of Quality Physical Therapy, Inc. and the word “BioSynchronistics” are the exclusive property and proprietary information of Quality Physical Therapy, Inc. I agree not to use the term “ BioSynchronistics” in any form or manner, in either advertisement or in contract procurement, without the express written permission of Quality Physical Therapy, Inc.”

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