Muscle Energy Technique (MET) is an evidence-based manual therapy intervention for correcting somatic dysfunctions which contribute to pain and disability. MET restores proper biomechanics and functional movement for lumbosacral and pelvic joint dysfunctions. MET is gentle enough to apply without forceful manipulation. Use precise muscle contractions and positions to normalize muscle tension and restore functional movement and symmetrical posture in joints with faulty biomechanics. MET may be incorporated clinically with soft tissue techniques and home exercise programs to manage joint pain and improve functional mobility for lumbosacral and pelvic dysfunctions. Teaching methods include powerpoint lecture, live demonstration and lab practice, and discussion.

This is a two day live program recorded for your own lab practice in the convenience of your home or office. Viewing duration is about 7.5 hours, but with lab practice it is a 16 hour course.


1. Discuss the role of proprioceptive reflexes and the muscle spindle in mediating neuromotor facilitation and inhibition.

2. Define common types of somatic dysfunction diagnoses for the lumbosacral spine and pelvis.

3. Perform a structural examination to identify somatic dysfunction using palpation and specific joint mobility examination of the lumbosacral spine and pelvis.

4. Describe current research on the efficacy of muscle energy examination and treatment tools.

5. Apply MET intervention and manual therapy as part of a plan of care to correct somatic dysfunction of the lumbosacral spine and pelvis.

This Course Is Available As A Live Seminar for $395