course_0000_Geriatric Balance


Falls are the most common cause of injuries and injury death among older adults. Explore the epidemiology of falls and review evidence-based research on fall risk factors and fall prevention. Learn the physiological aspects of balance and how the aging process alters balance strategies. Learn evidence-based, reliable examination and documentation tools for assessing balance deficits. Design a program including exercise and functional activities to promote functional balance and reduce falls. Stop the fall before it is too late. Learn what you can do to make a difference, and apply what you learn in this seminar immediately.


1. Describe the physiological components of balance, epidemiology and outcomes of falls in the older adult
2. Describe balance strategies and how to maximize safety of the older adult at risk of falls
3. Perform evidence-based balance examinations to document balance deficits in elderly persons
4. Design interventions to reduce the risk of falls in elderly populations based on current evidence

This Course Is Available As A Live Seminar for $225