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My name is Dr. Theresa Schmidt, DPT and I will be your Coach to mentor you in your quest for mastery level skills in health and wellness. I am looking forward to working together and sharing our ideas in the Educise VIP Mastermind, where you connect with team clinicians to brainstorm ideas that rocket you past any limitations while you enjoy the convenience of home study seminars that build your knowledge and confidence.  Inspiring Top Tips for making your practice easy comes to your email monthly, and discounts on products and live events keep cash in your pocket!

The purpose of our VIP Membership is to provide you with expert resources that support your professional development, connect you with others in the field for achieving your dreams


Although the official start date for the next VIP Quarterly Mastermind virtual meeting is not until Tuesday, June 11th, 2019, all VIPs now have access to the Educise blog, and will receive their Monthly Top Tips in their email, so be sure to accept emails from, and check your spam folder for missed mail.

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