#7451 Coronavirus COVID-19 Infection Control Update: Live webinar

#7451 Coronavirus COVID-19 Infection Control Update for Healthy Practice 

A pandemic of a novel coronavirus known as COVID19 has enveloped the globe in 2020. 

Health care practitioners around the world encounter people potentially presenting a highly contagious infectious agent for which medicine has no cure and no definitive intervention to manage.  What can clinicians do to mitigate the spread of the pathogen, to protect themselves and their patients, and to help those affected by it?  Explore the latest CDC guidelines for prevention of coronavirus COVID19 in this brief overview of infection control.

This presentation highlights the guidelines and recommendations elucidated by the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) in March 2020. Clinicians must access the latest CDC guidelines online for updated information. 

Instructor: Theresa A. Schmidt, DPT,MS,OCS,LMT,CEAS,CHy,DD 

Live Webinar Dates and Times: Tuesday, March, 24 at 8 PM EST – 9:30 PM EST

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